Renovation and redesign of the showroom Meritalia in Milan

Project data

  • Status
  • Year
    2008 – 2009
  • Tipology
    Exhibition space
  • Location
    Milan, Italy > map
  • Client
    Meritalia Spa
  • Budget
    1.8 million € (adjusted to 2013)
  • Total Area/Surface/Volume
    1000 sq m


The wish to create stunning effects nearly always matches the desires of Bellini, this time as on many other occasions, it is a mirror that recreates the magic of a place.

A former cinema in a street of Milan’s design district (Via Durini, where the leading companies of Italian design have their showrooms) is transformed into the showroom of a young company open to research and experimentation.

The resource of this space is the triple height that frees up and puts into visual continuity a generous central portion which the exhibition spaces look out onto, which in turn are amplified by a fully mirrored background.

– Ermanno Ranzani –


Mario Bellini Architects

Design Team
Mario Bellini.  With Giovanna Bonfanti, Carlo Malnati

Project Team
Edy Gaffulli, Maria Antonia Galati

Construction inspection
Studio di architettura Tenti & Associati

Structure:   ing. Vittorio Sumerano, Milano
Mechanical and electrical services:   Studio Ariatta – Ingegneria dei Sistemi Srl, Milano
Safety:  ing. Vittorio Sumerano, Milano