Exhibition Centre

Project data

  • Status
  • Year
  • Tipology
    Multipurpose complex
  • Location
    Milan, Italy
  • Client
    Hines Italia Srl
  • Budget
    34 million € (adjusted to 2013)
  • Total Area/Surface/Volume
    13.000 sq m


The new Park at the centre of the transformation of the Garibaldi/Repubblica area is adorned with a series of buildings, small pavilions, or at least which appear small next to the surrounding buildings, with cultural, social and exhibition functions.
One of these pavilions, located on the square, south, is the object of this competition.

“In the heart of the Garibaldi-Repubblica area let’s imagine an elongated eggshaped body – Bellini explains – generated by an oval cross section – partially embedded in the street level and in the raised ‘podium’ between the Hotel and the Boulevard.

Let’s imagine cutting through this structure with plane parallel to the longitudinal axis, and inclined to form an acute angle with the park. We would thus obtain a body with a silvery tapered body, rounded in its layout (precisely coinciding with space assigned to us) and rounding up on the West, South and East sides.

Rectilinear and wide open instead to the north, attractive and communicative, with a generous arch entirely in glass, that looks out on – with its surprising light of more than 150 metres by 27 high – the boulevard of the park and the Fashion Museum.

Almost seeking to reveal – like in gigantic x-ray – its role, the content and the rites of this shining monolith, otherwise hidden behind it enigmatic, one could also call it charismatic, yet still discreet urban presence.”



Mario Bellini

Design Team
Mario Bellini with Loretto Buti, Carlo Malnati.

Project Team
Loretto Buti (project architect) with  Giorgio Bianco, Andrea Borgatto, Paolo Delfino, Valeria Pagliaro, Francesco Renoldi, Francesca Ristuccia.
Renderig: Luca Bosetti, Dario Varetto, Alessandro Zufferli.

Structure: Arup Italia, Milano.
Mechanical: Ariatta, Milano