Project data

  • Year
  • Tipology
    Domestic furniture
  • Client
    Bottega ghianda


“Flying Bridge”, while playing with its name alluding to the high “bridges” of ships, is simply a solid “bridge” shaped table.
It is assembled – to challenge time – with three interlocking boards, each made of long solid ash prisms, 40×40 mm at the base, which progressively increase in thickness at the center of the joint to ensure solidity.

An anti-rhetorical and minimalist trilith that exalts to the utmost its physicality, essential and iconic.
Drawing a table is always a new pleasure for me. But if the table is to be made of wood – and commissioned by the legendary and renewed Bottega Ghianda – it is also a challenge.

A challenge that is congenial to me, a challenge to the very old history of the “Table”, which I like to trace back to the table of Ulysses and beyond, to continue with the many tables protagonists of that ritual of domestic food or the work of artisans lost in time”.