A junction point in a crucial area of the city.

Project data

  • Status
  • Year
  • Tipology
    Multipurpose complex
  • Location
    Milan, Italy 
  • Client
    Milan Town Council, Italy
  • Total Area/Surface/Volume
    200.000 sq m


For many years this area, one of the largest and most central of Milan, remained undeveloped, a leftover of the old railway grounds and the orphan of a business district planned by the city’s post-war programme (but never realised).  The project proposal concentrates on the wish to renew and retie the threads that run through the various parts of the city that sit around the site.

The 19th-city still has much to teach, it seems to reaffirm the project polemically, where the desire emerges to re-propose models of public spaces that are a clear and recognisable heritage of the typical European city. At the point where five streets meet a great circular square is positioned, defined by tall buildings for business; a very long promenade, a tree-lined “boulevard”, extends from north to south and intersects with the square.

(Ermanno Ranzani)


Design Team
Mario Bellini, Marco Romano

Claudio Bellini, Elena Bruschi, Giovanni Cappelletti, Carlo Malnati, Lorenzo Viti, Marco Zanibelli, Antonio Esposito