15 10 2015

2015 September 2th-2016 January 16th - "GIOTTO, L'ITALIA"

The exhibition, sponsored by the Ministry of the Heritage, Cultural Activities and Tourism and the City of Milan–Culture,
and devised by Éupolis Lombardia to a scholarly project by Pietro Petraroia and Serena Romano, who are also the curators,
it is produced and organized by Palazzo Reale and the publishing house Electa. The exhibition is an outstanding chapter
in Expoincittà, the calendar of events part of the city’s cultural life during the Expo semester.

Giotto, l’Italia is the major exhibition that will conclude the semester of Expo 2015 at the Palazzo Reale in Milan.

The exhibition offers the cosmopolitan public of visitors to Expo the opportunity to view the great masterpieces of the
founder of Italian figurative culture, Dante Alighieri’s alter ego in the field of painting, bringing together 13 works,
mostly on panel, none of which have ever been exhibited in Milan before.

A sequence of masterpieces never presented in a single exhibition.
The provenance of each is established so that together they document Giotto’s travels through the Italy of his time during
some forty years of outstanding achievement.
The exhibition is guided by a prestigious Scholarly Committee comprising the directors of Italian institutions that over
the years not only have contributed to the preservation and protection of Giotto’s works, but have also to a very remarkable
degree enlarged our knowledge and scholarly and technical understanding of the master’s painting, with internationally
significant and advanced studies and contributions.

The exhibit design is by Mario Bellini. 

Icona documento 'Formato PDF'  ' La luce di Giotto tra penombra e altari in ferro' di Mario Bellini.pdf

Icona documento 'Formato PDF'  MarioBellini 'Sketch Mostra Giotto'.pdf



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