11 12 2014

Dicember 16th - "13 Tables for the Refettorio Ambrosiano"

Sotheby's Charity Auction for Caritas Ambrosiana
Mario Bellini present its the "Tavola Armonica"

From the Round Table to the The Last Supper the object of the table has
always played a significant symbolic role. The table is a place where to meet
and confront, a place where to share, understand and welcome the others. No
other emblem, then, can better represent the great project of art and solidarity
that is the Refettorio Ambrosiano.
For the very first time, the best of Italian artists, designers and chefs have
gathered to contribute to the creation of this unique place of beauty and generosity,
offering their works of art.

Davide Rampello, Project Creator and Curator 

Sotheby's Charity Auction for Caritas Ambrosiana
Via Broggi, 19
Milan - 06.00 pm


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