14 07 2015

July 10th-19th - "Archi Depot Tokyo"

Mario Bellini took part in the Archi Depoy Tokyo event in 'La Triennale' of Milan.

The scale models express the deepest inner spirits of the architectural cultures that thrive on the connections between the avant-garde
and the memories of the past. Archi Depot Foundation (a foundation for the preserving and succession of the architectural culture)
was established in 2015, to conserve the scale models and designs of Japanese architectural culture. The primary objective of the foundation
is to preserve and present the architectural scale models that still play an important role in the transmission of the architects’ visions
and thoughts to the general public.

The exhibition organized by Archi Depot Foundation at  La Triennale can be described as the first step in this direction.
The exhibition design reflects the principles and the key features of the museum and the archives that will open in Tennoz,
Tokyo in the near future. Using scale models created by a wide variety of Japanese architects – including Kengo KUMA,
Tetsuo FURUICHI, Shigeru BAN, Koh KITAYAMA, Riken YAMAMOTO, Hiroshi NAITO – with the core of the exhibition focusing on works
by the younger generations, ARCHI DEPOT TOKYO Milan Exhibition explores the visions of the architects and the enchanting
qualities of their architectures, in order to transmit the importance of Japanese architectural culture and its heritage.
During the exhibition period, “Japan Day” will also be held on July 11th at Expo Milano 2015.
The exhibition aims to be a part of spreading innovativeness and diversity of Japanese cultures to the world.

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